Common Ground: Our Home Base

Facilities don’t make a church a church. But church facilities can be tremendous tools for the mission if used strategically.

After more than a decade as a portable church, we established a home base which has enabled us to fulfill our mission like never before. We call our campus common ground for connected lives. We want these few acres that God has entrusted to us to be a sacred space where we connect with our Savior, each other, like-minded Christians from our community, and people who feel far from God. And now we've been blessed to expand our facility further.

We’re committed to utilizing our facility and surrounding property extensively. All of our space is multi-purpose, and rarely does our building sit idle during the week. In addition to housing our weekly Worship Gatherings and ministries for the next generation, our building serves as an office for our staff and Ministry Leadership Residency Program, instructional space for a weekly homeschool co-op, equipping environments for studies and seminars, monthly emergency shelter for homeless women and children, and a secure home for our ongoing recovery ministry. 

As we look forward, our master plan for the campus includes additional space for offices, education, and church-wide gatherings sufficient to accommodate up to four times our current church population. Prayerfully, we are poised to engage and equip people from our growing city for decades to come.