If you’re like most adults visiting churches, you’re not on the hunt for trivial activities to add to your saturated schedule! You’re looking for a place to belong, full of truth to apply, with a vision for making a meaningful difference in your home, your community and beyond.

Our hope and prayer as a community of faith is that everyone—and we mean everyone—would be equipped to have all of the influence God intends for them to have where they live, work and play. We’ve found that this happens best when we connect in circles instead of rows. That means we are striving to connect in small groups, all of which are dedicated to authentic relationships, personal growth, compassionate care and ministry involvement.

After exploring who we are, we encourage everyone to pursue placement in a Community Group. Read more about our vision for Community Groups

We also have great opportunities to connect with men's ministries or women's ministries. Come find your place to belong!