Fellowship Outward

The good news of God’s grace and forgiveness in Jesus transforms us from the inside out and moves us in ever-expanding circles of concern for our neighbor, our nation, and our world. Our commitment to outreach is a tangible expression of God’s love for all people and of our desire to help fulfill God’s mission to make disciples of all nations.

Each year, we focus on one of the five connections in our portrait of a connected life. This year, our emphasis is Connecting Outward with the Mission! Fellowship Outward consists of three points of engagement with those in need of knowing and following Jesus Christ in a personal way:

  • MISSION TRIPS. We challenge everyone to prayerfully consider going on a mission trip each year. Mission teams serve in places like Honduras, Scotland, Memphis and even Murfreesboro. Most of these multi-day trips happen during the summer months.
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE. Throughout the year we initiate practical one-day service projects. Your Community Group can adopt a project. You can join Fellowship Student Ministries during one of their monthly GO Days, or set aside April 28 when our entire church will hit the streets of Murfreesboro to meet some of the tangible needs of people in our community.
  • LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR. The goal is to know and be known by the people who live right around us—those in our immediate circle of influence—and to care for them in a context of authentic relationship.

At Fellowship we seek to serve as Christ’s ambassadors where we live, work and play. We also seek to have a lasting impact throughout our nation and our world. That means more than just giving money, it means giving time, energy, and love to people and causes both great and small.

A life on mission is the focus of Foundations 401. In this session we wrestle together with the call to discipleship, to both evangelize and equip, and with the stewardship of all our resources for the advance of His Kingdom.  Be sure to sign up the next time it’s offered.

Whether it’s by giving, praying, sending, or going, we are all on mission, His mission!

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If you’re interested in participating in a trip, creating your own trip, or you just want to learn more about mission trips at Fellowship, please fill out the form below and we’ll get you connected to a team leader or staff member.

Mission Trips

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2024 Mission Trips:

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Honduras Trip 2024

This summer, our mission team will work in three areas at Family Life Missions in Catacamas, Honduras:

  • We will renovate 2-3 homes of families in our Family Preservation program.
  • Teach children in the community about Jesus through Vacation Bible School. 
  • Host a one-day Health and Wellness Fair for the community. 

Our team would appreciate your prayers in the following areas:

  • Unity, safety, and flexibility among our team members.
  • For our words and work to provide encouragement and hope to those we serve at the school and in the community.
  • For the opportunities to share the gospel and those who hear it will be receptive to it.
  • For our presence to demonstrate to those we encounter the goodness of God amid challenging circumstances. May our presence remind them God knows, God sees, and God cares!

Our mission team will work in partnership with Street-reach, a ministry that focuses on proclaiming the gospel and helping the community of Memphis. Our group will be working on the following:

  • Running Backyard Bible Clubs
  • Various community projects to proclaim the hope of the gospel

Our team would appreciate your prayers in the following areas:

  • The children who will be attending the Bible Clubs. Each one is hand-selected by God to be at our sites.
  • The children's families. That their hearts would be open to hear the Gospel and that the children would share what they have learned at Bible Club throughout the week with them.
  • Our Team. For unity and safety as we get to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Memphis neighborhoods this week. Pray that God provides us with His strength as we pour out his love on the children we will be blessed to serve throughout the week.

We have a team of 8 leaders and volunteers hosting our 3rd Annual Backyard Bible Club for 30-40 kids. They are looking forward to connecting with neighbors and sharing with the kids how following Jesus changes everything! Please pray for God to move in mightily as the gospel is shared through word and every act of service and kindness.

Our team will be stepping into McDowell County, WV, the third poorest county in the United States. The county has decades worth of chronic poverty and need, chronic poor health, job loss, and low income jobs. The mission of Hope Force and our team will be to take on some home repairs and home weatherization projects for families with children in the home, the elderly, and the widows in the area. We also want to come alongside these people and get to know them, their families, and their stories, and help tell those stories to the rest of the nation, states, and our own communities.
Prayer points:
  1. Safety for the team as we travel to WV on 6/15, for the team as we work that week, and as we travel back home to Murfreesboro on 6/22.
  2. That God will strengthen and deepen the relationships within our team, and enable us to give our best every day to those we are serving.
  3. That God will empower each of us individually, to meet these people "where they are" in their lives, whether they are Believers or not, and come alongside them to help meet the needs they may have.
  4. That we will be effective ambassadors of Christ to the people of the town of War and the people of McDowell County, to let them know that God loves them immensely and wants what is best for them, and that each of us live out and present the Gospel for His glory.


We will partner with a Slovenian church and youth group to share the good news of Jesus in a country with fewer than 1% Christians. We will help run a gospel-centered English Camp.

VBS exists to minister to the children in the church as well as create an opportunity to reach the local community for the Gospel. It gives children a memorable experience encountering Jesus and learning more about Him.



We’re partnering with Young Life Scotland to reach students who have grown up in a post-Christian culture. This is a great opportunity to relationally show and share the love of Christ with the next generation!