Portrait of a Connected Life

If you think about it, the Christian life is a connected life. God’s plan throughout history has been about reconnecting what is separated and restoring what is broken. With that in mind, we cultivate five connections that seem biblically vital to all who follow Christ:

  • Upward with God
  • Backward with our Story
  • Withward with the Body
  • Inward with our Gifting
  • Outward with the Mission

Everything that we do as a community of faith is intended to cultivate those five connections. When these connections are healthy and growing, we have a great opportunity to see and experience beautiful examples of God mending brokenness.

 UPWARD :: God

Our genuine spiritual life is found first and foremost by connecting upward with God through Jesus Christ.

 BACKWARD :: Story

We give and receive encouragement and help when we connect backward with our stories and see God’s mercies.


As followers of Jesus, we are all called to connect with others in the Body of Christ, the Church.

 INWARD :: Gifting

As we connect inward with our gifting, we discover the unique part God has called us to play in life.

 OUTWARD :: Mission

We connect outward with the mission by showing and telling the love of Christ in all the world.

 SUMMARY :: Portrait

The 5 connections of the Portrait are intended to be lived out by the believer.